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When you are trying to lose those 2 to 3 inches off your waist, it can get very frustrating. I understand that it can be challenging for some people as they don’t know the right strategy to lose weight. And just because you’ve lost some weight, it wont guarantee you that you’ll also those last few inches of fat.

Many people work tirelessly with their diet and exercise, but those last few inches of belly fat doesn’t seem to come off, and they get super upset about it. Most people are aware that spot reduction in some body areas isn’t an effective way to lose targeted fat.

Don’t lose hope. There are certain ways to burn more stubborn fat, which will help you get inches off your waist. If you make simple adjustments to your diet, exercise, and lifestyle, you can quickly lose 2 to 3 (maybe more) inches of stubborn fat on your waist.

Keep reading because you are about to find out how can you lose inches off your waist naturally.

Why it’s Hard to Lose Inches off Your Waist

why is it hard to lose inches off your waist? find out

Your genetics are among the main reasons for stubborn belly fat and extra inches on your waist. There are some people who are born with an apple or pear-shaped body that can promote excess fat storage on their waist.

Women tend to have a pear-shaped body more likely, while men tend to have an apple-shaped body. As a result, it can contribute to storing excess fat on the waist. Moreover, it can also make it that much more difficult to lose inches off your waist in the end.

Not only does the excess belly fat makes you look out of shape, but it can also be dangerous for your health. Researchers have found that people who had visceral fat experienced more cases of heart disease, metabolic syndrome and Diabetes.

The reason is that visceral fat surrounds your organs and places excess stress on them. It can cause serious health issues over time. But the good news is that you can get rid of the visceral fat, and you can get rid of those health issues. You just need to adjust yourself to a healthy lifestyle.

But I lost weight and still have Belly Fat

Losing weight but stomach is bloated is quite common. discover why

Some people lose weight but won’t lose inches off their waist. Keep in mind that weight loss isn’t same as fat loss. Losing weight can also mean that you lose weight in muscles or you lose water weight. But fat loss is about losing body fat.

So if you lose weight but don’t lose fat, your body may end up looking like “skinny fat.” You may appear thin but your body will still have high body fat percentage. For this reason, they store excess fat in their waist and can’t seem to get rid of it. Also, those who may have a normal BMI but a high body fat percentage could still have health problems associated with it.

So the trick is not only to lose some weight but to also lose your body fat. This is the trick to losing excess fat off your stomach.

Steps to Lose Inches off Your Waist

As I said earlier, it is possible to lose inches off your waist but you’ll have to follow a healthy life style.

If you follow what you’re about to read, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.

So, are you ready? Let’s jump right in it.

Use Fat Burners

beyond 40- lean belly 3x is the best fat burner

At the point when you are hoping to lose a decent measure of weight rapidly, you ought to think about using fat burners, also called weight-loss supplements. Fat burners work like a stimulus in your weight reduction venture. They accelerate your advancement, which can be persuading. Losing a ton of weight rapidly will spur you to work out more, cut down on junk food, eat less, and eat healthily.

Yet, before you purchase any fat burner, you need to know which one is the correct one for you. With so many weight-loss supplements available, picking the correct one for yourself can be somewhat difficult.

Beyond 40 – Lean Belly 3x

Lean Belly 3x is the best Fat burning supplement on the lookout. It is clinically proven to be safe and burns all the fat in your belly.Each bottle of Lean Belly 3X allows you one month supply, and the quality is striking. It has the right ingredients in the right amount to give you the best results.

Talking about the advantages of this item, It is a traditional body toner that will assist you with decreasing fat and keep up (or increment) fit muscle. This supplement will catalyze the calorie-consuming cycle in your body and wear out any abundance of fat on your muscles. It is also very cost-effective as compared to other fat burning supplements in the market.

I strongly suggest taking 3-6 bottles to make all the more value for your money.

What’s shockingly better is that it has a 60-days money-back guarantee.

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Exercise to Lose Inches off Your Waist

in this paragraph, you'll find out the best exercises to lose inches off waist

You guessed it right. Exercise is one of the best ways to lose inches of your body as you’ll burn a lot of body fat through it. Researchers have found low fitness activity increases waist circumference and it also causes more inflammation in the body.

I highly recommend Afterburn workouts to burn excess fat off your belly. These workouts combine high-intensity interval training in cardio to achieve a higher total amount of fat burned.

Studies have found high-intensity interval training burns significantly more amount of fat than traditional cardio exercise. The thing is that HIIT workouts are much more intense than typical cardio workouts, and the results are also achieved much faster.

For the next 30 days, HIIT should be your go-to workout plan. But you can also try other Cardio exercises like burpees, jogging, jumping ropes if you have extra time.

Even though HIIT workouts help you lose belly fat faster, traditional cardio workouts are still more beneficial if you want a long-term weight-loss solution.

Intense exercise can mean many things depending on your current fitness level. If you are a complete beginner, then even going for a simple walk is way better than sitting on the couch all day. But if you’re already working out, then you should level up the intensity and try out a hard workout. This is one way to get quicker results. Your body adapts to exercises as well as to the power at which you do them.

Also, it’ll be a good idea to combine high-intensity exercise with specific exercises for your abs.  It will help you to tone your waist and build abs muscles.

Diet to Lose Inches off Your Waist

having a good diet is necessary to lose belly fat

If you’re not focusing on getting rid of junk food, you won’t be able to get rid of those last couple inches off of fat from your waist. You have to improve your eating habits if you are serious about losing belly fat and getting inches off your waist.

You can start by kicking out the food from your diet that is causing belly fat. Usually, bad carbs and sugar are the worst offenders. If you keep eating refined carbs, processed foods, vegetable oils, and sugar, you can quit your dream of getting inches off your waist.

Now your next step should be to eat a higher protein diet. Studies have shown that those eating more protein in their diet get rid of body fat and stay in good shape. Your body will not only be able to burn more fat with a high protein diet, but you’ll also build lean muscles. As a result, you’ll have low body fat.

Also, go ahead and eat some good fats in your diet to lose those last couple of inches off your waist. Some of my favorite good fats include eggs, avocados and extra-virgin olive oil. Eating good fats will help you to control your blood sugar and insulin.

Finally, make sure to watch your caloric intake every day. I highly recommend you to keep a food journal with you for at least a few days to track what you’re eating and how much you’re eating daily. Apps like MyFitnessPal are a great help.

Why is it Necessary to watch Your Calorie Intake?

The thing is that many people overestimate how many calories they are eating daily. This can discontinue your progress towards losing inches off your waist. Try reducing your daily caloric intake if you’re still having trouble losing those inches off your waist. Like I mentioned earlier, use a fitness app to make sure you’re staying within your required calorie intake range.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is also a great way to speed up your results towards losing inches off your waist. There are many studies around this topic, and it is proven by many case studies that fasting does help with losing belly fat.

You can see even better results if you combine intermittent fasting with a low carb diet. As a result, you’ll easily be able to lose excess inches off your waist.

Stress Less and to Lose Sleep More

sleep reduces stress which results in less fat in body

Moreover, there are some lifestyle factors you should know about that can directly impact how many inches you can lose off your waist.

Having enough sleep per night will have a significant long-term impact on your waist size. Researchers have found that the people who are not getting enough sleep have a bigger waist circumference than those who get enough sleep.

Keep in mind that you should lower your stress levels as much as possible if you feel like you’re chronically stressed out. When you feel chronic stress, your body releases cortisol hormone, also known as Stress Hormone. Studies have found too much cortisol can increase abdominal fat.

I would recommend taking a high-quality CBD oil if you are having trouble sleeping enough or having chronic stress. Researchers have found that CBD is very effective for improving how fast you’re able to fall asleep, and also, you’re able to enjoy a night of deep sleep. Plus, it is a science-backed fact that CBD helps to reduce anxiety and stress.

To add more, you should reduce your consumption of sugary beverages if you want to drop inches off your waist. Instead, it would be best if you replaced them with taking coffee or tea. Researchers have found drinking coffee helps with weight loss which means you can get inches off your waist just by taking coffee—the catechins in green tea help to decrease waist circumference as well.

How Can I Lose Inches off My Waist Overnight?

Hmmm, now that’s a tricky question because if you want to lose inches off your waist overnight, it will not be in the form of fat. Having that said, you could temporarily lose a couple of inches off your waist “overnight” by sweating it out.

As a trainer and fitness coach, I won’t recommend this. But if you want to lose a couple of inches quickly because you want to attend some function or some important event in your life, then sweating out some water could help you to lose those inches temporarily. Furthermore, you can try fasting for the day, drinking only water and protein shakes, jumping into the sauna for 20-30 min and practicing cardio exercises. You can also try wearing a waist belt to speed up the process. Whatever you do, please make sure to keep your health in check because it takes a toll on your body, and you don’t necessarily have to do everything. Do what helps you lose weight and doesn’t make you go unconscious.

What is the Best Exercise to Lose Inches off Your Waist?

In my opinion, the best exercise to lose inches off your waist is one that combines a high-intensity cardio workout with a targeted abs exercise. There are also many other belly fat burning exercises that you can try out.

Crunch-less abs workout

This stomach exercise is pretty simple in theory but can be rather challenging to perform. To start, you can either lie on your stomach or kneel. You can use both ways, whatever feels easier to do.

Now relax your body as much as possible and try to use only the lower abdominal muscles to move your belly button toward your spine. Hold for ten seconds. If this feels easy, hold for a more extended period. The goal is to maintain the contraction until you either cannot handle it or feel intense pain. When you think this, let the squeeze-out.

Scissor kicks abs

Now, this exercise is the one that I like the most for toning abs. To begin, lie down on the floor on your back and position your hands under your butt. Slowly raise one leg at a 45-degree angle, then slowly lower your leg back to the floor. While you’re doing this, raise the other one. Repeat this motion for an entire set.

Maintaining control is essential. Make sure that your upper body remains on the floor throughout the entire movie.

This exercise will help you build strength in your abdominal muscles, and you will be able to do many other abs toning exercises.


Losing inches off your waist depends on your diet, whether you exercise or not and lifestyle. Many people are genetically born with a body that stores excess fat, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it.

The truth is that you can get rid of belly fat and get lean if you put in enough effort. Your body wants to keep the fat, and you’ll have to fight with it. So you’re going to try everything in your power to get rid of belly fat. You can also use Belly Fat removing supplements to speed up the process.

Having belly fat makes you look out of shape and can lead to serious health issues. I highly advise you to get rid of it as soon as you can for your health and appearance.