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If you read my blogs regularly, you’ve likely heard me on numerous occasions praise HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss.pulizia telecomando sudadera nike inter milan pulizia telecomando cinturones de crochet pinterest chaquetas juveniles zara salomon schuhe von real bælter til damer feste arbeitsschuhe

Interval Training, aka HIIT workouts, is one of the best workouts for rapid fat loss.

HIIT workouts are derived from cardiovascular training, and it includes alternating periods of high-intensity work with maximum effort combined with lower intensity work with moderate effort.

Studies by researchers have found that HIIT workouts increased fat burning by 60% in the participants over three weeks.

Another massive plus for HIIT workouts is that you spend less time doing the actual workout. You can burn more fat with a HIIT workout in 20 minutes than someone who jogs for half an hour on the treadmill.

But this is going to come at a cost as you’ll have to work your butt off during the HIIT workout. If you can hang for 20-30 minutes, then you’ll get the full benefits of HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss.

Best HIIT Workout for Fat Loss

Burpees Pullups

Burpees Pull-ups benefits and how they fit in HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss.

A1. Burpees 3×8

A2. Pullups 3×16

A3. Jumping Jacks 3×32

Ropes + Kettlebells

battle ropes and kettlebells workout. They are also included in the list of HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss

A1. Kettlebell Swings 3×20

A2. Jump Rope 3×100

B1. Kettlebell Goblet Squats 3×15

B2. Jump Rope 3×100

Abs Finisher

abs workout is also a main exercise in HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss

A1. Mountain Climbers 3×50

A2. Bicycle & Rotates 3×40

A3. Kick-ups 3×30

A4. Knee Grab Situps 3×20

A5. Plank-to-Pushups 3×10

Medicine Ball Extreme

medicine ball is used in gym and indoor exercises and it is part of HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss

A1. Heavy Medicine Ball Slams 4×15

A2. Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers 4×30

A3. Wall Ball Tosses 4×15

A4. Medicine Ball Russian Twists Slams 4×30

Stair Sprints 

sprint stairs on daily basis because they'll help you to lose weight and burn a lot of calories. one of my favourites on the list of "HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss"

A1. Sprint upstairs 5x

A2. Pushups at top 5×20

Walk back down

A3. Skater Plyos 5×20

A4. Planks 5×45 sec.

Hill Sprints

hill sprints can keep you fresh and help you burn out some fat. one of the best hiit workouts for fat loss

A1. Sprint up a big hill 3×6

Walk back down the hill

A2. Pushups 3×20

Rest 60 seconds, then repeat

Treadmill Sprints

treadmil sprints help with weight loss

A1. Incline Sprint on Treadmill 5×30 sec.

A2. Burpees 5×10, 8, 8, 6, 6

Sled Pushes + Sprints

sled pushes when combined with sprints help you burn a lot of calories. one of my favorite HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss

You need to push a sled about 50 yards. If you can’t find a sled, try putting dumbbells on top of some towels on a hardwood floor.

A1. Push Sled 4x

A2. Sprint down and back 4x

Dumbbell Shred

dumbbell shred is one of the best HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss

A1. DB Alternating High Punches 4×20

A2. DB Half Jacks 4×20

A3. DB Renegade Rows 4×20

A4. DB Swings 4×20

A5. DB Situps 4×20

Jump Around

jump exercise to lose weight

A1. Box Jumps (about knee high) 5×10

A2. Pushups 5×15

A3. Alternating Step-up Hops 5×20

A4. Cross-body Mountain Climbers 5×30

HIIT Benefits: On Body and Mind

benefits of hiit on mind and body

Now you know that your body turns into a fat-burning machine with HIIT workouts, there are some other excellent benefits on your body and mind.

HIIT Mental Benefits

Effect on Anxiety and Depression

HIIT has a positive impact on your mind as it helps to reduce anxiety and depression.

In fact, if you perform HIIT twice a week and keep up the routine for 2 or 3 weeks, you’ll see a significant change in yourself. You’ll feel relaxed, and your anxiety and depression will reduce.

I suggest that you should adopt HIIT as part of your lifestyle as it can significantly impact the prevention and treatment of these two debilitating mental diseases.

In fact, I would argue that HIIT is one of the best exercises for depression and anxiety, period.


HIIT Effect on Confidence

Moreover, HIIT can also have an impact on confidence.

Studies by researchers show that it can also improve self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth – leading you to be happier in life.

Interestingly, this change in behaviour is not related to the change in the body, meaning that it is directly related to your mental health.

Physical Benefits:

The major one is that you’ll increase your Human Growth Hormone levels (HGH) up to 450% for 24 hours, which will help you burn more fat and build more lean muscle. As a result, you’ll look much younger.

If you are a female, then you shouldn’t worry about getting huge bulging muscles. At most, you can expect to have a leaner, thinner and toned body which will make you look attractive.

Unlike traditional steady-state cardio, you won’t lose your lean muscles when you’re doing HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss.

Also, your hard-earned muscle will help in burning more calories while toning your body.

One thing I love about High-Intensity Interval Training is that you can do it anywhere. Whenever the weather is excellent, I go outside for my workout. So, instead of being stuck in the gym, you can go outside and have some fun.

You’ll love how the workouts for HIIT are challenging and always different.

Sometimes, jogging on the treadmill can be a super-dull experience for you. At that time, you should try out a different HIIT workout so you can enjoy the exercise.

HIIT workout keeps you fresh and active throughout the day.

HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss: The Science

If you’ve ever seen the sprinter’s body, you’ll notice that they have a very toned and athletic physique that makes their bodies look super attractive.

To my surprise, they do all of their training by just alternating between high-intensity sprinting and then shifting to low intensity running or jogging. This is HIIT.

But if you see a marathon runner’s body, you’ll notice that they have no muscular development, making their bodies look unattractive even though they appear to be thin.

High-intensity interval training will be much more effective for fat loss when compared to low-intensity aerobic exercise.

Studies by researchers show that HIIT training is superior to endurance training for improving the VO2max of healthy, young, middle-aged adults.

Moreover, the new 2018 study has shown that the participants shredded 4.3% body fat after seven HIIT workouts.

The reason for HIIT workouts being superior to endurance training is that the former puts your body into an oxygen deficit. It means that your body needs to get more oxygen to return to its normal resting state; therefore, you’ll burn much more calories. Hell yeah!

In an oxygen deficit state, your body must work very hard to bring it back to its normal levels burning more calories.

This is called Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), but I like to call it “The Afterburn”.

The Afterburn: When Fat Burns while you Rest

When it comes to fat loss, one of the most significant advantages of HIIT workouts is the Afterburn effect. This is the time where your body can continue to burn fat even after you’ve completed your workout.

Imagine yourself sitting on the couch just after completing a HIIT workout, and your body is still getting hotter and hotter, burning away the fat on your body, and you’re not even doing anything.

Moreover, your metabolism stays elevated throughout the next day. It’s like money is going in your bank without you having to do any work. Wouldn’t that be nice!

The EPOC is also known as the oxygen deficit because it’s the time when your metabolism goes through a recovery process to go back to the pre-exercise levels.

It doesn’t take very long with low-intensity cardio exercise, but with the best HIIT workouts, it can easily take up to a day and a half.

HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss: What to Expect?

You can fully expect your fat to melt off your body as your body burns calories around the clock.

This is the best exercise that you can do to lose fat from your body. You only need to do a HIIT workout for 20 minutes a day then watch your body burn fat throughout the day. That means even when you are sitting on a comfy couch playing video games, you’ll burn fat.

The good news is that you can continue these HIIT workouts, and you can still get the Afterburn effect.

As long as you are doing high-intensity workouts and switching between different HIIT workouts, you’ll be able to hit the Afterburn effect consistently.

But I’ll advise you that don’t overdo it, as these workouts can be pretty intense on your body, and you can end up burning yourself out. You can also ask for help from a fitness trainer.

Mix things up. Switch to a low-intensity workout like going out for a bit of jog. This way, your body will get a good break.

This is the primary strategy. If you follow it, you can expect to have great results in a short time. If you want full benefits of the Afterburn effect, you need to follow this strategy.

Is It Good for You If You Have any Health Condition?

When you get fit and stay in that physique, you will less likely have diabetes, high cholesterol, or any other heart disease. When it comes to HIIT, it’s a great way to lose your unhealthy body weight and boost your overall health.

This workout can take a toll on your heart, so I advise you that you should get in touch with a doctor to see if HIIT is OK for you or not. If you take a slow start and do the workout in short intervals that can also help you in your daily workout routine, and you won’t face any serious health issue.

But if you have any joint or muscle problems, like arthritis, then I feel sorry to say that you may not be able to do HIIT. And you should talk with your doctor. In case you’re pregnant, and you have done HITT before pregnancy, and there isn’t any other medical issue with you, then you can do a HIIT workout during your first trimester, but still, I advise you that you should check with your doctor first.

But in the second and third trimesters, your belly will grow more and more slowly, so it might not be a safe option for you to try HIIT workouts. Keep in mind that you should only do HIIT if your doctor allows you to do so. And please make sure to drink plenty of water, so you don’t overheat.

If you have loose skin on your body, you can read this article, as it will help you tighten the loose skin on your stomach.

FAQ #1: How many times per week do you need to perform HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss?

As we know that HIIT can speed up the weight loss process but doing it too much can slow down your muscle development and interfere with your strength training.

Thus, I recommend you to perform HIIT only two times per week. But if you still want to push your cardio workout, you can try low-intensity exercises like a simple jog.

I repeat, don’t go over the board with the HIIT workouts. They should be done in short intervals and only twice per week. I hope you digest this advice like a burrito.

FAQ #2: What are some excellent HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss?

The fact is that almost any exercise can be used for HIIT as long as you’re able to do the exercise with high intensity for a specific interval of time. 

In my opinion, resistance training, sled pushing, sprint and bodyweight exercises work the best. You can try whatever you like because your mood will play a big role in this.

FAQ #3: How long will it take to see results from HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss?

To lose weight, you’ll have to control your calories and try to maintain a calorie deficit. 

HIIT will help you get into a calorie deficit because you’ll be burning many calories, but you won’t lose weight if you don’t properly manage your food intake. 

What’s more, you can also try weightlifting as it will also improve your physique much more than any other HIIT workout. So, I highly recommend you start following a strength training program if you are not doing it already. Because it will work like a charm when you combine it with HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss.

If you can control your calories and follow a well-designed strength training program consistently, then HIIT can accelerate your progress.

Well, it all comes down to your own hard work. The amount of calories you burn in each HIIT session will determine how quickly you burn fat and get a toned body.

Remember, the rule of thumb is to combine a high-intensity workout with a low-intensity workout to not burn yourself out quickly.