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If you love fitness and want to help other people achieve their body goals, becoming a fitness instructor can be an excellent career for you. But before we jump on “How to become Fitness instructor”, there are some things you need to know. Being a fitness enthusiast, it is likely that you may have done physical training for years. During this time, you might have coached your friend or created a fitness plan for yourself.  But to be a certified fitness trainer and a true professional, you’ll have to do a lot more than that.pulizia telecomando sudadera nike inter milan pulizia telecomando cinturones de crochet pinterest chaquetas juveniles zara salomon schuhe von real bælter til damer feste arbeitsschuhe

How to Decide If Fitness Instructor Job Is Right for You

How to Decide If Fitness Instructor Job Is Right for You? IF you want to become fitness instructor, you need to understand this

To be honest, personal training can look like a satisfying career, and yes, it can be. When you are helping other people achieve their goals in something that you also love doing, it can look like a dream job.  This is a great thing about personal training. But before you jump in, it’s essential to look at it from every angle.

Just like any other specialized field, fitness instructors need to have a variety of skills. A successful fitness instructor must be motivational, analytical, and nurturing to give his best to the client. To be a good fitness instructor, you need to be a good listener and self-motivated. As you’ll be working with many different people, you need to be an extrovert and have a lot of patience in yourself.  Being persistent and having exceptional organizational skills are two things that’ll elevate your coaching career.

Fitness Instructor salary

how much fitness instructor makes? Learn whats it like to become fitness instructor

The salary of a Fitness instructor depends upon many factors such as:

  • How many hours a day does he work?
  • In which country and in which city does he work?
  • Can he manage to get freelance jobs outside Fitness studios?

But to give you an estimate, The national average salary for a Group Fitness Instructor is $53,040 in the United States, and the national average salary for a Group Fitness Instructor is £22,476 in the United Kingdom (According to You can filter by location to see Group Fitness Instructor salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on salaries submitted anonymously to by Group Fitness Instructor employees.

How to become a group fitness instructor

Start taking class

I highly recommend you to take a class in a fitness studio if you haven’t already. The experience that you’ll get in a studio is very different as compared to the average gym. The lights, the bomb music and everything, is just so epic!

Each and every instructor brings his own personality to the class. While you take their classes, make sure to study them and take notes!

You will notice that the instructors will be very sharp and precise about their instructions and make it very clear for the people to understand. They will also engage with the people during the whole process to make it enjoyable for them.

Start Building Your Online presence.  

Having an online presence can have many advantages. The people who’ll see your content will consider you an expert in your field if you produce quality content. By quality content, I mean that you should have professional knowledge about what you present to your audience. If you do this correctly, it’ll open up a lot of opportunities for you. 

People from social media will directly message you if they want you to be their fitness instructor.

Moreover, as you grow, there will be many companies that will reach out to you and pay you to promote their products. That’ll help you to make some extra money. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Get a Fitness Instructor Certification as soon as Possible 

This is something that I highly recommend you to do. When you are applying for jobs, sometimes they’ll ask for your certification, and sometimes they will have you complete their own specific training.

There are many types of group fitness certifications. Still, a national certification will allow you to open up your own business and give you the flexibility to work anywhere in the country.

You should know that you will still have to get other certifications and train to teach. The fact is, every style of group exercise requires additional certification.

Get Some Advice from an expert 

This is something I did back in the days. Talking to a friend who was a fitness instructor herself gave me a lot of knowledge about the industry. She explained to me the ins and outs of working and coaching in a studio. Moreover, she also encouraged me that I should continue my search and find a studio that would grant me an opportunity.

Find Fitness Studios Near You. 

At the start, I wouldn’t recommend you to look for a studio that is well established. But if you have built a strong relationship with that fitness studio, you should give it a shot. But if that’s not the case, no need to worry. I recommend that you should start looking out for studios that are just beginning. This way, you can increase your chances of securing an interview. 

Start Applying

You need to put yourself out there and show the people your talent and skill set. You can reach out to the studios by calling them or hitting them up through social media. Don’t quit if you get rejected because you have to keep applying and applying until you finally get selected for the interview. And once you get selected, start preparing yourself for the interview.

Nail the interview. 

I don’t want to sound cocky, but I have been pretty successful with the interviews so far. Even when I had little to no experience, I was still able to win the jobs. 


It’s because I was passionate about helping other people to achieve their goal, and I had the dedication to go above and beyond. Listen, if you feel that you don’t have experience, companies will still select you if they can FEEL your potential. This is how I was able to win the job interviews even though I had anxiety. If I can do it, you can as well.

Win the Audition. Show true Fitness Instructor skills

When you’re looking to Ace an audition, you’ll have to understand the anatomy of a winning audition:

  1. Personality (Be fun, exciting and energetic)  
  2. Captivating Energy (Know when to turn the switch up and down)
  3. Be Motivational (Let your audience know that they have what it takes and they can do it)
  4. Show them your Style (Have a confident smile on your face and make the overall experience enjoyable for your audience)
  5. Give clear Instruction (What you deliver has to be step by step and simple) 

Lastly, keep a personal connection with everyone in the room, call out their names and congratulate them.

Becoming Group Fitness Instructor: The Pros and Cons

pros and cons to become  fitness instructor


  • It has flexibility. Being a fitness instructor, you can set your work schedule and charge your desired fees if you work for yourself. But even if you work for some fitness studio, you can still get a decent salary.
  • Highly rewarding. When your client finally sees the changes in his/her body, there’s nothing better than that moment. It will boost your confidence in your abilities, and you’ll be ready to take on new challenges.
  • Growth Potential. You can get to learn new things that will help you to grow. Moreover, you can start your brand or blog where you can help people to bring change to their lives. You can become a famous fitness influencer and can do so many things once you make a name for yourself in the industry. Maybe you launch your supplements or gear; who knows? But still, it has enormous growth potential.
  • Build Relationships. If you are good at helping others, the chances are that you’ll make strong relationships with other people, which will open the doors of new opportunities for you. All you have to do is to understand what your client wants. Be sympathetic and helpful. Once you know his/her problems, you can start working on them and change your client’s life for the better. 


  • You’ll have to learn to sell your services if you want freelance work. You’ll have to learn how to market yourself if you want to make good money. Working at a fitness studio may give you good money, but what if you want other projects where you can train people personally? Then you’ll need to be a part-time marketer and a part-time personal trainer.
  • Unpredictable pay. Personal trainers can charge anywhere between $15 per hour to more than $100 per hour, depending on their work location and experience level. In addition to your hourly rate, your income also depends on how many hours you work in a week. Sales stress is also involved in this business.
  • Potential for burnout. Being a fitness instructor requires so much energy, both physical and mental. So it’s easy to get burned out, especially when you’re training all the time. So make sure to take rest once in a while so you don’t stress yourself out.

 Final Thoughts:

Fitness instructor can be a dream job for you if you love being fit and healthy yourself and want others to achieve their body goals as well. You need a certification and you need some industrial and personal skills to make your dream come true.

If you are new to this blog, you can check out my other articles where I talk about weight loss, HIIT and tightening loose skin on body. Thank you for your time. Stay blessed.